What I am all about...


1. Figure Skating

Favorite songs

  1. 1.Overdose-EXO

  2. 2.Wolf (Korean Version)- EXO

  3. 3.Baby Goodnight-B1A4

  4. 4.Underwater-Mika

5. Выбирать чудо- Нюша/Nyusha

Favorite Artists

  1. 1.The Civil Wars

  2. 2.EXO

  3. 3.B.A.P

Favorite Foods

  1. 1.Patty Melt

  2. 2.Frozen yogurt

  3. 3.Pineapple

Favorite Drinks

  1. 1.Coffee

  2. 2.Rootbeer

  3. 3.Water

Favorite Color

  1. 1.Olympic Blue (that’s its name according to Ritz Color)

Favorite Books

  1. 1.Inkheart Trilogy

  2. 2.Inheritance Cycle

  3. 3.Gregor the Overlander Series

  4. 4.Warriors Series

  5. 5.Percy Jackson Series

Favorite Movies

  1. 1.How to Train Your Dragon

  2. 2.Iron Man

  3. 3.Pirates of the Carribean

Favorite Quotes

  1. 1.I can do all things through Christ who stregthens me.

  2. 2.A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.


School Grade:


Skate Club:

All Year Figure Skating Club



In 2007, I won first place at the Juvenile Southwest Pacific Regionals in Escondido, California. This win allowed me to compete in the Junior Nationals for the first time in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I placed 6th in the US.

In October 2008, I was earned the second place title at the Intermediate Southwest Pacific Regionals in Anaheim, California.  This qualified me to compete at the Junior Nationals in Lake Placid, New York, where I won the silver medal. 

Highlights of 2009 include my first international competition, which took place in Montreal Canada.  I also competed in Regionals, Sectionals, and for the third time, Nationals.  What a great experience they all were.

2010/2011 has clearly been my best season to date.  I have not only learned so much on and off the ice, but I also got the recognition for all my hard work by winning at Regionals, Sectionals, and becoming the 2011 Junior Ladies Champion.   What an honor!  This allowed me to compete in my first Worlds competition in Gangneung, S. Korea. 

In the 2011/2012 season I am skating as a senior.  Internationally, I am skating in the Junior Grand Prix as part of Team USA!  I love the excitement of competing.  I love traveling.  Being a part of this team is an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so grateful. 

My goals are simple... Be the best skater that I can be and to one day win the Olympics (several times preferably).  Currently, I am working my hardest to fine tune my skills, learn new jumps, and reach new levels.


I am 18 years old and have been figure skating since I was 5.  I like birds and I enjoy reading in my spare time.  I also love listening to music and taking pictures. You can usually find me with a book, camera, or iPod in my hands.  I also enjoy hiking and archery.  I have two younger sisters, and a cousin, who is just like a brother to all of us.   

I am home schooled through Connections Academy.   This program is great and allows me the flexibility I need to be able to train at different times, and travel when needed.  I love learning, love reading, and get good grades.

My Mom is allergic to all the cute fuzzy pets so we can’t have any dogs or cats, but I did have a pet parakeet named Gigi, and my family has a parakeet named Kiki. We also have lizards and snakes for pets as we catch them.  Luckily,  my cousin lives close, so I do claim his dog Bandit as my own, too.


I am a member of the All Year Figure Skating Club out of Ontario, CA.  I skate at various ice arenas in the Southern California area but primarily at Paramount Iceland.  I have been blessed all along this awesome journey with some really great coaches who have helped me become the skater I am.  I am honored to be working with coaches Jere Michael and Alex Chang both out of Paramount. I also work with my choreographer Jonathan Cassar in Escondido. I skate every day for about 3 hours, but I do get to take Saturdays off!!!

I started skating because it looked fun and seemed like something I would enjoy doing.  I was right, I loved it!!!  The things that motivate me are the competitions, the flying feeling when you jump, and the constant challenge of achieving a clean program.